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All our rooms offer with a complete and separate private bathroom, as well as a flat-screen TV, a telephone and free Wi-Fi internet access.

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Room equipped with a queen size bed, for one person.

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Spacious room equipped with a king size bed, for two people.

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Very spacious room equipped with a king size bed and a single bed, for three people.

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A room with a king size bed, a room with two single beds, and a bathroom of 17 sqm with shower and bath, for four people.

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Croissants, chocolate breads and rolls baked home, Sardinian cheeses, honey and meats, freshly squeezed orange juice, hand-made coffee...



See what our visitors from all over the world say about us.


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Une ferme

A farm

Before 1930

Built shortly after 1830, its stone walls, sixty centimeters thick, and its old oak beams reflect its respectable age.
Registered in 1836 under the name "Cabaret," it was a relay for the boatmen and their horses which hauled barges on the Meuse. Men and animals found food and rest there.
After the construction of the dams and the advent of the vapor engines on boats, the relay lost its customers and was transformed into a farm.

Une auberge


As from 1930

In 1930, the house became a hotel. The cattle stable becames the room of the restaurant and the living room.
That beautiful time where the respect of the hosts made of this establishment a place where it was good to stop, to eat, to lodge or to relax. That time when the owners cherished their establishment, their project of life.
Since we bought it in 1998, we gradually renovate the inn to give it back the qualities of its golden age.

Mai 1940

A place full of history

May 1940

During the night of 12th to 13th May 1940, the German army crossed the Meuse.
The Voraus-Abteilung Werner, vanguard of the 5th Panzerdivision (Max von Hartlieb-Walsporn), crossed at the Houx lock and the 7th Panzerdivision (Erwin Rommel) crossed at Bouvignes.
Two bridges are established to cross the Meuse, including a bridge upstream of the lock, facing the hotel.


   Auberge de Bouvignes
       Rue Fétis, 112
       B-5500 Bouvignes-sur-Meuse (Dinant)
   Email: info@aubergedebouvignes.be
   Website: www.aubergedebouvignes.be

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Kiran & Joey

Encountered at their first stay in our hotel, these fabulous people from Kansas (USA) made a photo report, some of whose views can be seen on this website.

Professional quality pictures made by two "Auberge de Bouvignes" lovers!

Today they have established a world-wide beverage import activity in Kansas.

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